“You look as blank as a chimp faced with a banana fitted with a zip.”
   — Wotan Ulm

Professor Wotan Ulm (born in 1981) was a professor at the University of Oxford and then at the University of Oxford East 5 after the Yellowstone eruption.[1][2] He was the author of the bestselling and controversial books Moon-Watcher's Cousins: The Humanoid Radiation Across the Long Earth [3], An Untuned Golden String: The Higher-Dimensional Topology of the Long Earth [2] and Peer Reviewers and Other Idiots: A Life In Academia.[4]

He often refers to someone named Jocasta but not much is known about her.[3][2]

The Long Earth

During the events of the Long Earth, he was giving an explanation about all the parallel Earths that opened to humanity after Step Day to the BBC.[1]

The Long War

During the events of the Long War, he was giving an explanation to the BBC about the kobolds.[3]

The Long Mars

During the events of the Long Mars, he was seen on a news channel run by the Britain West 5 Broadcasting Corporation discussing about the nature of the soft places and showing his comtempt of Mellanier.[2]

The Long Utopia

Now seventy-eight years old, he gave a recorded lecture on von Neumann replicators to be carried as briefing material on the USS Brian Cowley.[4]


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