Viktor Ivanov is one of the three Russian scientists, along with Sergei Djanibekov and Alexei Krilov, sent to Marsograd on Gap Mars to study the local life forms and how humans could live on this world.[1]

Viktor is an acquaintance of Willis Linsay and they knew each other before the events of The Long Mars.[2]


He is described as dark, big and around his fifties.

The Long Mars

Pranking Frank

Viktor first appeared during the events of The Long Mars, on March 15th 2045, when Sally Linsay, who was travelling at the time with her father and Frank Wood to explore the Long Mars, landed on Gap Mars.

Frank, believing to be the first human on Mars, was making a video claiming the Martian soil for the United States of America when Viktor stepped in front of him, singing the Russian national anthem.

He was sent to the Gap Mars to study the local life forms and how humans could live on this world but unfortunately, after the Yellowstone eruption, Datum Russia was abandonned due to the new extreme weather conditions. It is said that Moscow is under ice and polar bears wander around the Red Square now.


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