Hi there!

For me, wikia has always been a source of knowledge and infos until that fateful day when I was looking for informations about The Long Earth but found a huge lack of it online. Decided that after years of leeching off other people's work, it was my time to contribute to the community.

Even if I've started this wikia in Summer 2014, I kind of let it rot for lack of motivation I guess. More than one year later, more than 250 pages were created, some are still empty unfortunately but it's making steady progress.

I've read all the books so with time and, importantly, inspiration, I'll be able to finish putting all the data in! :D

Anyway, thanks to the other editors who save me some work, I appreciate the work that was done.

Hopefully, I will finish typing all the infos of the first four books before the fifth comes out ;)


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