Madison West 5 became the capital of the US after the Yellowstone Eruption, as Washington DC was no longer suitable.

It was chosen because it was the most developed city in the country's stepwise footprints.[1] This was because after the bombing of Datum Madison several years ealier, most of the city's inhabitants had moved to this world to live. This includes the residents of the Home that Joshua Valienté grew up in.

The Long Earth

The Greens stayed at a lodge here for New Year, 2025, and moved in permanently on March 23.

At this time Madison West 5 was a sprawl of massive buildings. The town hall had thick walls, and it's roof beams were made from whole trees. Technology that was easy to import from Datum Earth was present here, such as solar paint. At the perimeter of the city there was a wide system of fences and ditches to keep dangerous animals out.[2]


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