Jeb Poulson was a resident of New Springfield, for a few years, and the husband of Cassie Poulson.[1]

In 2035, he, Cassie and a party of people treked across Long Earth to Earth West 1,217,756, where they founded New Springfield.

By July 2036, he was already turning nails out of his forge.[1] However, during his time in New Springfield, he only made a handful of them as well as a few horseshoes.[2]

The Long Utopia

When Cassie Poulson discoverd a Silver Beetle while she was digging a cellar in July 2036, Jeb had been with a party, trying to hunt down a "big bird".[1]

By 2052, he, Cassie, as well as the rest of the founders of New Springfield, had left. They had abandoned their home, which was now known as the old Poulson house. It was being used as a swap house, by the current residents.[3]


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