Gap Mars East 3,000,000 Plus Change is a world located almost 3,000,000 steps East of Gap Mars.[1]

The Long Mars

This world was discovered by Willis Linsay during his Long Mars expedition with Sally Linsay and Frank Wood, eleven weeks into the trip.[1]

When they visited this Mars, there was no longer any life on the surface. It was on this world that they discovered a space elevator next to this world's version Pavonis Mons, fulfilling the primary purpose of the expedition. The elevator's base was in a 20 mile deep pit in the ground, and so had a more hospitable atmosphere than the surface, acting like a refuge for whatever species had built it.[2]

Frank Wood was killed on this version of Mars by the Crustacean Prince (a sand-whaler from Gap Mars East 1,500,000, Plus Change).[3]


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