The Crest-roos were creatures that lived on Earth East 2,201,749.[1]

The crest-roos moved in herds and carried their infants in a frontal pouch like the Datum kangooroos.

One of their predators was a fifteen yards long tyrannosaurus-like creature with its skin covered in colourful feathers.


They looked like beefed-up kangooroos and have colored crested ears that allowed them to communicate between themselves.[1]

The Long War

They were observed by the Chinese expedition in 2040 when Wu Yue-Sai and Roberta Golding went ashore on Earth East 2,201,749.[1]

Unfortunately, Roberta discovered, by analyzing the climatic theories of these worlds, that an upcoming hypercane will destroy everything in a few weeks and wipe out the crest-roos in the process.


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