Cracked Rock is a small-town a little beyond the Corn Belt.[1]

Located by the bank of a river, this city is mostly made of tents. Among notable buildings there is a sheriff's office and an unfinished church.

The Long War

In 2040, during the Operation Prodigal Son, Captain Maggie Kauffman was called there to deal with an incident involving trolls.

Wayne, a young man from Cracked Rock taunted a band of trolls passing near the town and threw stones at them. One of the troll defended himself and knocked out Wayne's brother. This lead Charles Kafka, the town sheriff, to put the troll into custody until the USS Benjamin Franklin arrived to deal with this case.

They listened to the troll's testimony with the help of a troll-call and left Wayne to be dealt with by his parents.


  1. The Long War - Chapter 55

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