“Mm-mine... I tr-trade... You want? Look, pretty mm-mirrors, pretty jewel-ss...”
   — Bob-Bob

Bob-Bob was a kobold.[1]


Bob-Bob was described as short, squat and heavily built.[1] He wore grubby shorts, a waistcoat and a baseball cap.

He also had a belt slung over one shoulder like a sash, laden with things he had traded.

The Long Utopia

In 2056, he went to Miami West 4 but was picked on by stalk jacks.[1]

Everytime he tried to step away, another construction worker was waiting for him in the next world and hit him.

Eventually, Mario, one of the stalk jacks, took his sash and paraded around wearing it. In the end, sixteen years old Stan Berg intervened and gave Bob-Bob back in sash and dared the crowd to pick on him.


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